Thrive, strive, and survive together

When Thrive was started just as we came out of lockdown, it was all because the Market South team wanted to be able to share a few resources for free, in the hope some businesses might find them useful.

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23 Jul 2020

Now, as its active component comes to a close, it’s a hub of articulate, high-value tools from an array of Southland organisations helping local businesses mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

Thrive project lead Lucy Coutts said no one ever expected it to grow as largely as it did.

“It’s been a privilege for Market South to be the driver of something that’s been so well received by everyone and has made a real difference for some people in their businesses,” she said.

“That’s what’s unique about being part of the business community down here, we can all see the big picture and know that if we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder when things are hurting that it will lead to a better outcome and more development later down the line.”

Thrive has partnered with many wonderful local businesses to bring people the best and most useful resources post lockdown.

There are now 20 practical resources for businesses to use freely available on the Thrive website – these have been contributed by Market South and other partners; Findex, Stuff, COIN South, Instore, McCulloch & Partners, Front-Line Training Consultancy, AWS Legal, We Are Local, Focus, McIntyre Dick and Malloch McClean.

The generous people at Creation Signs, ILT and Craigs have also lent their support in kind, helping everyone thrive together.

“Market South has contributed services valued at more than $70,000 to the Thrive initiative between April-July, which represents almost 500 hours work by our consultants,” Coutts said.

“There’s been numerous hours go into Thrive from our partners too, and we’re so humbled by the spirit everyone’s demonstrated.”

And even though the active part of Thrive was wrapping up, the resources would remain available on the website for people to access whenever they need.

Coutts said special mention had to go to Stuff for their enthusiasm and unwavering support of Thrive.

“They’ve backed Thrive from day one, committing their own time and resource to making sure Thrive could reach the people it needed to and make a difference where it mattered,” she said.

In particular, their $50,000 Thrive Fund had been instrumental in giving businesses a bit of profile through print advertising.

Fronting the initiative at the Love Local weekend at ILT Stadium Southland, Stuff and Market South were able to reach more people, sharing the resources and Thrive Fund. Reflective of the spirit of fellow Southland businesses, Level One Cocktail Bar had given the team a $250 voucher for a work shout with people able to nominate businesses at Love Local.

Congratulations to the staff at Donovan Primary School, who won. People teaching the next generation – the Thrive team think that’s a pretty great bunch of people.

“Heading to Donovan to give them the voucher was a lovely note to end Thrive on,” Coutts said.