Naked is a full suite marketing agency providing services to businesses across New Zealand.

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“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein

The Naked approach is stripped back. Honest. Authentic.

When starting work with a new client, we invest heavily in a deep discovery process, peeling back the layers to get the full picture of the business we are working with. We strip the business naked and then re-dress it as the client wants their audience, team, and shareholders to see it.

We believe marketing should be simple. Quite simply, our job is to sell more things, to more people, more often and at higher prices. Wrap a strategy around each of those and it creates a compounding effect.

Headquartered in Invercargill, we deliver services to clients all over New Zealand, and beyond. Our highly skilled team of professionals are experts in delivering a full suite of marketing, communications, design, photography and web development services.

We’ve been pushing boundaries since 2003. Previously known as Market South, our track record for success has seen our client base grow nationally. And our commitment to outstanding client service was recognised with the Professional Services Sector award at the 2019 Westpac Southland Business Excellence Awards.

We let our work speak for us. Except when it comes to our local region.

We’re proud to be a Southland-based business. That’s why we’ve developed regional promotional tools including The Life southern lifestyle and culture magazine and the Invercargill City Map. We’re also known for having a disproportionately loud voice for the south and leading high profile campaigns advocating for local political issues.

Carla Forbes
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Thinking big and making the impossible happen are Carla’s specialties. Brand management, creative direction, marketing consultancy and client management are her areas of expertise, and she has headed successful marketing campaigns for clients across New Zealand. Carla is a key figure in the business community, is the former President of the Southland Chamber of Commerce and continues to serve as a board member. She sits on several trust and boards, providing business and strategy advice to organisations across New Zealand. She is also a three-time finalist for the New Zealand Women of Influence and widely recognised for her political advocacy on issues affecting Southland.

Erin McCall
Chief Executive
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Erin heads up the Market South team and ensures all projects are completed to the highest standard to get results for our clients. Strategic marketing planning, market research, website architecture and project management skills are among her superpowers. Prior to joining Market South in 2009, Erin worked for a global confectionery company, which provided insight into the manufacturing and FMCG industries. She is also an industry advisor for the Southern Institute of Technology’s business programmes and has business interests in residential and commercial property investment.

Andrei Robertson
Production Manager
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Andrei manages the production studio, bringing the right resources together to deliver projects on time and on budget. He has diverse arsenal of skills including marketing management, communications, photography and video production. His previous experience included public sector communications and marketing roles. Outside of work Andrei continues to hone his photography skills as a freelance wedding and family portrait photographer.

Ranali Ratnayaka
Marketing Specialist
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Ranali provides marketing services to our clients. She has a wealth of experience spanning more than 10 years, having worked in marketing and sales roles in Sri Lanka before moving to New Zealand to complete her Master of Applied Management. Ranali continues her involvement with the Southern Institute of Technology as an online tutor and research supervisor for their applied management programmes.

Briar Babington
Communications Consultant and Editor of The Life
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Briar excels in creative and strategic copywriting, communications and PR. Her previous experience as a journalist means she knows how get a business into the news (or out of it), and her artistry of the written word grabs the right attention. Briar works closely with marketing and design, bringing together cohesive brand messaging for clients. She is also the editor of Market South’s annual culture and lifestyle magazine, The Life.

Justine Paul
Senior Graphic Designer
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Justine combines creative flair and technical capability to deliver marketing material that is not only visually captivating but also highly effective in communicating the brand message. Since 2012 she’s been a key member in our design team, working across a vast range of brands and projects.

Vicky Smit
Graphic Designer
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Vicky is a strong visualiser, skilled in drawing and illustration as well as graphic design. She also provides photography and video editing to deliver visual impact across a range of media. Her previous experience includes working in the graphic design team for a tertiary institution.

Lauren Andrews
Graphic Designer and Creative Director of The Life
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Lauren’s graphic design skillset also spans an affinity for typography – both hand-drawn and digital. Her design and marketing career in the UK before returning to New Zealand exposed her to global design trends which continue to influence her work.

Hannah Lawrence
Graphics and Content Creator
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Hannah is a creative mind with an eye for all aspects of design, including graphic, fashion and interior design. She ran her own virtual assistant and design studio in England before moving to New Zealand in 2021. Her role at Market South encompasses graphic design, photography, video editing and social media management.

Gowtham Saravanan
Web Developer
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Gowtham is a full stack developer, expertly versed in all things web and app development, including e-commerce websites, complex integrations, SEO and digital marketing. His role involves crafting custom websites that showcase our clients’ brands, optimise the user experience, help them get found and automate repetitive tasks. Prior to joining Market South in 2020, he worked in web and mobile app development, as well as IT support for companies across New Zealand and India.

Sete Maka
Administrator/Marketing Support
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Sete is the glue that holds us together and keeps the ship running. She is an integral part of Market South’s project management, helping out with the day-to-day running of our studio. With a vast background in retail and hospitality roles, Sete knows the art of making people feel at ease well. She is the friendly face you see when you walk into the Market South studio and can always be counted upon to lend a helping hand.

Why an agency?
Outsourcing a company’s marketing services to an agency provides a number of advantages over employing a staff member. These typically include:
You are only paying for productive hours, not for un-productive time.
Cross-functional skills
Access to the range of expertise provided by our full team including strategic marketing, project management, creative direction, communications, graphic design and web development.
A team of brains
providing creative input for generation of concepts and strategies.
Continuous availability of resource
No downtimes due to staff leave or absences.
Freedom from HR issues,
staff turnover and training requirements.
Cost savings
vs. employing an in-house Marketing Manager.
Flexible resource
Additional resource is available when required for projects.
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