Shout out to the Graeme Dingle Foundation

So I think it’s time to share our story a little more. We are often so focused on delivery we forget to share, so here goes…

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20 Mar 2023

This is some of the stuff that I’m involved with that I feel actually matters; as a trustee of the Southland Graeme Dingle Foundation, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact our programmes have on the youth of our community. The foundation is dedicated to empowering Southland children and young people by providing them with the tools they need to build self-esteem, develop important life skills, and achieve their full potential.

Our programmes are designed to support mental health and physical wellbeing, while encouraging self-worth and promoting good values. We believe that by instilling these values in our youth, we are setting them on a path towards success that will benefit not only themselves but also the wider community.

One of the things that makes the Graeme Dingle Foundation so special is our focus on being the fence at the top of the cliff, not the ambulance waiting at the bottom. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and our programmes are designed to empower youth to make positive choices and develop healthy habits early on in life.

Our programmes are delivered by inspirational classroom leaders and world-class mentors who challenge and encourage children to set goals and work towards their aspirations. We are proud to offer programmes that help children develop valuable life, education, and health skills, all while having fun and building relationships with their peers.

The impact of our work is clear. A recent report, Growing Great Futures – Whakatipu Tamariki Ora, found that for every dollar invested in a Graeme Dingle Foundation programme, there is a $7.15 benefit back to New Zealand. This is a testament to the life-changing impact our programmes have on the youth of Southland.

As a trustee, I am passionate about investing in the future of our community by investing in the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Our children are our future leaders, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are given the tools and support they need to achieve their full potential.

I am committed to increasing our visibility, engagement with partners, supporters, and the wider community to ensure that we have the resources we need to reach all Southland children and young people. We have a Pak n Save delivery model all our money goes straight to the school. You won’t see it on the back of buses and on billboards, it’s all about results - the outputs for our youth have a ripple effect that goes a long way. By investing in the Graeme Dingle Foundation, we are investing in the future of our community, and I am proud to be a part of this important work.

To learn more about the incredible work that the Graeme Dingle Foundation is doing in Southland and throughout New Zealand, I encourage you to visit our website at