Story telling for regional success

We love shining a spotlight on the south’s success by highlighting our local heroes.

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7 Feb 2023

We have been telling Southland's stories for years. We celebrated 10 years of The Life magazine recently; but it’s been our thing here at Naked for a long time, shining a spotlight on the south’s success. We want to see the south cranking as it’s good for all of us!

So why do we do it? Let’s be honest, we do it because we love it… but we do see real benefits that reach wider than us getting a kick out of seeing our heroes having a platform to celebrate their successes. We put resources and effort into supporting regional resilience by using our disproportionately loud voice to share positive stories about the south.

Sharing stories about our heroes, our businesses, our food, arts and all the great stuff going on here in the south can help support the economy, encourage recruitment, and strengthen regional identity, and let’s be honest, it makes us feel good. Let us explain why.

First, sharing positive stories about Southland businesses and their success can help boost the local economy. A region’s economic prowess has a direct correlation to the perception of a region. When people hear about successful companies, new industry and entrepreneurs in the region, it can inspire others to start their own businesses or invest in existing ones. It supports optimism and buoyancy. This, in turn, creates jobs and stimulates economic growth. So, if you’ve got a good business yarn? Let people know about it!

Another reason why sharing positive Southland stories is important is it can encourage recruitment. This is tough going right now. When potential employees hear about the successes of local businesses and the positive impact they're having on the community and the great things going on in the region they may be more likely to consider working in the region. This can be especially beneficial for companies looking to attract top talent.

Our brand needs some work. Storytelling is not just for fireplaces, it has real and tangible outcomes. Sharing positive stories about Southland's local heroes, businesses, arts, culture, food and innovation can help strengthen regional identity. People love to feel connected to their community and proud of where they come from. By highlighting the achievements of local residents, businesses, and organisations, we can support the pride and belonging among Southland residents.

So, it isn’t just because we love working on The Life magazine and showcasing the south (we do by the way). Sharing positive stories about Southland's success, businesses, and local heroes is a great way to support the economy, encourage recruitment, and strengthen regional identity. By doing so, we can create a more vibrant and connected community, and seriously there is so much good going on, just walk down Esk Street right now. Look at the new industry coming to the region. Let’s keep telling stories, help Southland reach its full potential and get out there and start spreading the good news!

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