Why good culture makes a great creative agency (and any business, really)

In the hustle of everyday life, amidst our busy schedules, one aspect that's often underrated but crucial to business success is company culture.

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1 Mar 2024

Despite its elusive and intangible nature, it's a strategic element that reigns supreme. Though from the outside looking in, it may seem like mere afternoon teas and shenanigans, it's a winning strategy, to engage, motivate and deliver.

Nurturing Creativity – the Backbone of Success

Why? Culture sets the tone for how things get done, how people interact, and ultimately, how successful your business might become (are your team hungry, are they passionate, do the love coming to work?). So, in my view, as a creative agency, excellent culture is a genuine contributor to the bottom line.

Imagine a place where employees aren't just cogs in a corporate machine but rather valued collaborators in a pool of ideas. A place where creativity isn't just encouraged, it's worshipped. This, I believe is the hallmark of a good culture. And in a creative agency, where ideas are the currency and innovation is our lifeblood, a good culture can be the difference between producing uninspired work and crafting masterpieces that leave clients in awe.

Cultivating a Culture of Autonomy

We invest in culture, fanning the fire is part of who we are, ensuring our team are supported both in and out of work. We encourage our team to flourish, in a culture that values autonomy and trusts its employees, creativity thrives. When people feel empowered to experiment, take risks, and think outside the box without fear of ridicule or micromanagement, magic happens. Ideas flow freely, innovation flourishes, and mediocrity has no place… worth noting, it can also be noisy!

Embracing Collaboration and Failure

And it isn’t about any one key player, it’s a team game, A good culture fosters collaboration by breaking down silos, encouraging cross-pollination of ideas, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among team members. When people feel supported and inspired by their colleagues, they're more likely to push the boundaries of what's possible and come up with truly groundbreaking concepts.

And (we’re not sure if we should commit this to writing) but we are not scared to mess things up. In any creative endeavour, failure is not just inevitable; it's essential! A good culture doesn't punish failure; it is a stepping stone to success. When the crew feels safe to take risks and learn from their mistakes, they're more likely to push themselves creatively and reach new heights of innovation and make more magic for our clients.

Fuelling Passion: Igniting Excellence

You’ve gotta be passionate - passion is a breeding ground for excellence. You need to believe, but more than that, you need to care. Passion is contagious. In a good culture, passion isn't just welcomed; it's cultivated. When employees feel genuinely passionate about the work they do and the company they work for, their enthusiasm shines through in everything they do, elevating the quality of their work and inspiring those around them.

Beyond Buzzwords: the Tangible Impact of Culture

Carla spends a lot of time working with corporates on their culture strategies, and investing here pays dividends. Good culture isn't just a fluffy buzzword thrown around in HR meetings; it's the secret sauce that supports business to thrive.

When you create a culture that values creativity, collaboration, resilience, and passion, you create an environment where innovation isn't just encouraged; it's inevitable. And in today's fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape, happy, engaged, motivated team members are a recipe for success that's hard to beat.